Lorenzo Torres and Maria Trujillo marriage record

Lorenzo Torres and Maria Trujillo marriage record

Lorenzo Torres, was part Spanish and part Indian (rumored to be of Navajo descent) and his wife, Lucinda Trujillo, was also Spanish. According to family legend, Lorenzo was a spiritual man, and when the area in which he lived needed rain, he’d take a big crucifix out and circle his property, asking God for rain. It was also rumored that the family was of Jewish decent. Although not cetain it is believed that the family converted to Catholicism.

Lorenzo and Lucinda were married on 14 December 1857 at the San Albino Catholic Church (New Mexico Territory). In 1860 they were listed on in the census at residing in Mesilla, Dona Ana County. and continued to live there until the 1880’s when they relocated to the Membris Valley (present day Faywood, NM.).

Lorenzo and Lucinda had 10 children listed as:

  • Macedonio Torres (1846 – 1918)
  • Maria Torres (1886 – 1953)
  • D Torres (1863 – UNK)
  • Francisco Torres (1866 – 1941)
  • Telfsora Torres (1867 – 1922)
  • Ramona Torres ( 1876 – 1944)
  • Nestor Torres (1878 – UNK)
  • Antonio Torres (1882 – UNK)

(More records of these children can be found at

Lorenzo and Lucinda lived in the Mimbres Valley of New Mexico (now known as Dywer) until their deaths in 1905 and 1918.

Francisco and Andrea Torres

Francisco and Andrea Torres circa 1897

Our branch of the family extends from Francisco Torres born 14th of July 1866 in Mesilla, Dona Ana County, New Mexico Territory. To learn more about Francisco Torres, his wife Andrea and 12 children, visit the link below.
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