Francisco Torres

Francisco Torres and family.

Francisco Torres and family. Faywood, NM

  • Born, 14 July 1866 –
    Mesilla, Dona Ana, New Mexico Territory
  • Baptism, 22 July 1866
    San Albino Catholic Church – Mesilla, Dona Ana, New Mexico Territory
  • Residence 1880 (Age 14)
    La Mesilla, Dona Ana County, New Mexico Territory
  • Residence 1885 (age 19)
    Mimbres River District, Grant County, NM)
  • 1895 Arranged marriage to Andrea Donaldson (Orr)
    Silver City, New Mexico. <Click for Record>
  • Residence 1900 (age 34)
    Lower Mimbres, Cooks, San Juan, Grant County, New Mexico Territory.
  • Residence 1910 (age 44)
    Dwyer, Grant County, New Mexico Territory
  • Residence 1920 (age 54)
    Dwyer, Grant County, New Mexico Territory
  • Residence 1930 (age 64)
    Dwyer, Grant County, New Mexico Territory
  • Death 31 July 1941 (age 75)
    Deming Luna County, New Mexico.
  • Interment – Faywood, New Mexico

Children of Francisco Torres and Andrea Donaldson


Francisco and Andrea with their first child Anita. Anita passed away later that year.

Growing up, Francisco’s children loved the outdoors and often tended to chores around the ranch and in the home.

All the children except Julian and Eva went to a nearby 1-room country school run by Maude McSherry, most went to the 7th grade , but Anita (Annie) and Aurora (Dora) left home to work in the government hospital in nearby Ft. Bayard. Annie worked and lived in the nursing headquarters while Dora and Esther worked in the dining room and lived in the city Central, NM, a short distance away. Their mother, Andrea, followed them there with some of the younger children, including their older sister, Lucy. Their father stayed home at the ranch with the older boys.

Minnie, Francsico and Eva Torres. Faywood, NM circa 1930

Minnie, Francsico and Eva Torres. Faywood, NM circa 1930

In 1923, Annie led the way to Los Angeles, California followed by Dora, and later Esther was sent for after enough money was saved for her trip to California by train. They first lived with a family friend and worked to help save money for other family members to make the journey to California. When the rest of the family arrived in Los Angeles, there was not enough room for them all in the home they rented, so Harriet, Minnie and Ida were enrolled in Forysthe boarding school (Los Angeles), with Esther’s guidance and help. The rest of the family, including mother Andrea, Lucy, Julian and Eva and Esther settled in Boyle Heights with Dora and Anita and their spouses nearby.

The children often visited their father during the summer months while they always gathered with their mother at their brother Tony’s home in South Pasadena. Upon their father’s passing, the family ranch in Faywood, New Mexico was sold and money was distributed to the children whom some used to purchase their own homes.

Torres siblings mother's day circa 1942

Torres siblings in South Pasadena,  circa 1942 (Mother’s Day).

Many of the children married and settled into their own lives. Anita married Frank Valdez of Los Angles, Dora Married Emilano Chavez originally from Ft. Bayard Arizona, Esther married Luciano Saldana of Los Angeles, Procopio (who stayed in New Mexico), married Paula Almerez of New Mexico, Harriet married Teodulo Castaneda of Los Angeles, Minnie married Louis Luedeman of Oklahoma, Ida married Leo Baca of New Mexico then Wesley Parson of Oregon, Julian married Margaret Romero of Los Angeles, and Eva married Lupe Chavez of Los Angeles.