Ida D. Torres


Ida Torres Parson circa 1928.

Adelila “Ida” Donaldson Torres (Parson)
b. 3 Oct. 1913 – Faywood, NM
d. 13 Apr. 2000 – Monterey Park, CA

Adelila “Ida” Donaldson Torres-Parson, was born in Faywood, New Mexico on the third of October, 1913. The tenth child of Francisco and Andrea Torres, Adelila “Ida” spent her youth on the family farm and attended a nearby 1-room county school run by Mary Ellen “Maude”  O’Connor McSherry. She did very well in school and had a fondness for the outdoors and baking. These hobbies most-likely came from her upbringing on the family ranch.

Around the age of 10, Ida’s sister’s sent for her to come west to Los Angeles, CA. Many of her older siblings had moved to establish a life of their own. Due to her age and space at the rented Los Angeles home, Ida was enrolled the the Forsythe Boarding School along with her older sisters Harriet and Valvina (Minnie). Meals were included and Ida seemed to enjoy school.

Cathedral of St. Vibiana Los Angeles CA 1960

Upon graduation, Miss Ida married Elias Leo Baca of Arizona-New Mexico (?) and married at the St. Vibiana Cathedral in Los Angeles on 21 of February 1931. A year later, Ida and Elias welcomed their first child Frances “Sunny”  Baca followed by David Lee (1935), and Louis Bonifacio (1938). It was in the home that Ida became a great cook and baker.



Wesley and Ida Parson

After divorcing Elias, Ida often traveled to Oregon and visited her mother’s extended family. It was around the late 1940’s that Ida met Wesley Parson of Gales Creek, OR. The two had a natural courtship and eventually married both settling in Monterey Park, CA. Around the same time, Ida learned how to drive a car and received a driver’s license.


Ida (right side) with her sister Harriet, mother Andrea, and husband Wesley circa 1959.




Ida spent many hours in her kitchen where her Kitchen-Aid mixer proudly stood. She seemed to have a knack for backing making all sorts of desserts like sugar-cookies, german chocolate cake and many more.

As the children left the home, and upon her husband’s retirement, Ida continued to bake in home and care for her garden and visited family between Oregon and New Mexico. Although Ida passed away on April 2, 2012, her baking recipes continue to live on as many were passed down to a variety of family members.

Francisco Torres and family.

Ida Torres (right side upon horse), with her brother Julian.