Your 2015 Committee Members

In Summer 2014, a handful of cousins began an email chain asking each other about planning a reunion. Rather than waiting until a love one passed, we decided to meet monthly and plan a reunion for 2015. We are truly blessed to call each other cousins and look forward to seeing you in May.


2015 Committee Members. (Not pictured Lorraine, Joanna, Cory and Lionel)

  • Andrea & Lew (Esther’s Saldana’s Granddaughter)
  • Todd  (Esther’s Saldana’s Granddaughter)
  • Cory (Esther’s Saldana’s Granddaughter)
  • Corlyn (Esther’s Saldana’s Granddaughter)
  • Joey (Eva Chavez’ Grandson)
  • Gino (Eva Chavez’ Grandson)
  • Jason (Eva Chavez’ Grandson)
  • Carrie (Eva Chavez’ Grandson)
  • Lorraine (Annie Valez’ Granddaughter)
  • Joanna (Anne Valdez’s Granddaughter)
  • Lionel (Harriet Castaneda Grandson)